Splashy Fen 2020


Dear Splashy Fans




We are humbled and awed at the great support from our fans and clients. To those Splashy 2020 #HARAMBEEHERO ‘s who donated their accommodation to Harambee you have no idea what a positive impact it has made on the survival of the company and the mouths that it feeds – you are true heroes and a reminder of the goodness of the majority of all South Africans.




We are well on our way to completing refunds and ask those who have not yet made contact with Susan to do so soonest (bookings@harambeehotel.com). We’re working on a system for the discounts to be applied to 2021 bookings and will finalise and communicate the nitty-gritty in due course.




The hospitality industry and more specifically the Events industry, from where we realise our income, was the earliest hit and will be the last to recover. The industry has been decimated by the fall out from COVID-19. By early 2021 when we hope to start operating again we’ll have been without income for about 17 months! Our immediate permanent staff support 18 people directly and we managed till now to keep them employed albeit with some serious belt tightening all round.




To the many like us who are feeling the pinch and battling to keep head above water, we are extremely sorry that we are not in a position to offer a greater than 50% refund (30% cash now and 20% off in the future), the 50% still amounts to a substantial knock to Harambee. We understand that 50% cash in hand would be preferable to most, but our refund aims to make it possible for us to mobilise in 2021 and a higher refund is just not financially possible. This situation sucks, no bones about it, we have exhausted our cash reserves and are drawing down on borrowed money to complete the refunds. To those who’ve asked about making donations, we’ve put up a donations button on our website: www.harambeehotel.com




We have our eyes firmly set on Splashy 2021 and will beg, borrow (and not steal) to make it happen. We are already committed to three large events in the first half of 2021 and will be borrowing heavily to make it happen. We humbly ask you our loyal fans to help make this happen and bear with us through the drama of 2020 so we can come out in force in 2021 once again.




We look forward to seeing you all in better times in 2021.




Tread Lightly and Stay Safe!




Celia, Josh & The Harambee Team



As many of you will by now have heard, Splashy 2020 has been cancelled! Take a look at http://splashyfen.co.za/ to see the announcement and read about their refund policy.




Harambee has always strived to look after our valued guests as part of our company ethos and have from the start of the COVID pandemic sought to lessen the impact of any postponements or cancellations by not opting for following the force majeure route of zero refund as followed by so many other events and establishments.




The events industry in which we find ourselves was the earliest hit by the effects of the pandemic and will be the last to recover (all our events and camps for 2020 were cancelled). Accordingly Harambee, like many other companies in the events industry, finds itself under extreme financial pressure with fewer and fewer options to choose from. As you will have gauged from Splashy’s announcement and our earlier communications with yourselves, in addition to the normal day-to-day costs of running a business we had already mobilised and incurred significant expenditure for Splashy 2020 at the time of the postponement imposed by the lockdown. As highlighted by Splashy, insurance against pandemic is not an option.




In consultation with the festival we are following the same refund policy and will allow you our valued guest to select the option which best suits you and your individual circumstance.  Please look out for an email from us detailing our refund policy.


We are actively planning and working on Splashy 2021 for the proposed 2021 dates which are 1st – 4th April, Easter 2021 (bookings will open in September). Together we will get through this and can’t wait to see you all in 2021




Yours sincerely,




Celia & Josh and all at The Harambee Team




Harambee will again be setting up camp at SA's Friendliest Festival - Splashy Fen!


We offer tented accommodation (double or twin beds) in A-frame tents you can stand up in, with fantastic breakfast freshly created by our gourmet chefs daily.


Treat yourself to a luxurious camp while enjoying the music and festivities, knowing that you'll have a warm bed back in camp with bedding and towels and power provided for the bedside lamp and charging your phone and cameras.


A hot shower waits for you and toilets are provided exclusively for the camp.


A lounge and dining room with bar is provided exclusively for hotel guests.


For 2021 you have the option to stay for 3 or 4 nights. Each tent sleeps a maximum of two guests.  RATES ARE PER TENT FOR 2 GUESTS SHARING

For queries contact us on 082745 9540 or email bookings@harambeehotel.com .


All prices exclude festival ticket which must be bought separately.


Please note no booking is secure until payment has been made.  Kindly fill in the booking form once payment is made.